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Organic preserved food from locally-grown ingredients

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Organic preserved food from locally-grown ingredients

The Biocosmos preserved seasonal foods are all natural, additives free, starch-free, gluten-free product, made exclusively of fresh vegetables, preserved only with pasteurization.

What is making us especially proud of this series of products is that all of the main ingredients used (like tomatoes and red bell peppers) are grown up on our own organic farmland, which ensures the quality and the taste of the product.
One part of this series is Macedonian traditional spreads like Ajvar, Ajvar with boletus, Malidjano, and Lutenica. This delicious spreads are prepared with traditional, old-fashion recipe, and are must-have meal if you are visiting Macedonia.
The other part is preserved vegetables that are usually served as salads in Macedonian traditional cuisine. This would include sour beets, sour daikon, sauerkraut, corn. Naturally preserved with salt, vinegar and pasteurization, these vegetables are refreshing and satisfying additions to winter meals.
The organic ketchup is all natural, additives free, starch-free product, made exclusively of fresh tomatoes, lightly spiced with raw brown sugar and organic vinegar. Biocosmos organic ketchup is ideal for your kid’s french fries, as well for your favorite pasta!
The only “sweetie” in this category is the plum marmalade. Made from locally-grown plums, and moderately sweetened with organic brown sugar, just one bite from this smooth marmalade won’t satisfy you.

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