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Whole-grain and gluten free pasta

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Whole-grain and gluten free pasta

The main difference between white and whole wheat pasta lies in the processing. Whole wheat contains three parts of the grain—the bran (the grain’s outer layer), the germ (the sprouting section of the seed), and the endosperm (the large starchy centre).

Consuming whole grains as part of a healthy diet may reduce the risk of heart disease. Consuming foods containing fibre, such as whole grains, as part of a healthy diet, may reduce constipation. Eating whole grains may help with weight management.

Our whole-grain and gluten free pasta is perfect for lunch or dinner with low calories. You can make all kinds of different sauces and make a splendid different healthy food that can be served for the whole family. Choose among our different pasta shapes like caneroni, rye pasta, fetuchini, and rotelini or you may want to try special types pasta like rye-pasta or oat-pasta.

Gluten-free pasta is also available, including buckwheat, corn and rice pasta.


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